I am moved and nervous every time i enter an external space these days.

Everyone, is talking about it… you know…

I’m moved and terribly excited because the people, my people, we are rising up and starting dialgoues together on how we can realize a movement that is radically different than the current systems of power.  We are taking back public spaces with the aims of decolonizing and growing community.  We are using methods of consensus instead of capitalist competition, respecting each others needs, recognizing our privileges and vulnerabilities. We are learning from one another and attempting to create safe spaces.

……………………….We have realized that we are not planning, but living a revolution

And know that this is a radical idea that those in power are not counting on.

There is no failure when our goal is what we are doing together right now.

We are not waiting for the imaginary arrival at ‘after revolution’ where our ends justify our means and we build a new society.  No, we have realised that this moment, right now, we are both living the revolution and the society we want to create.  How we make decisions together, respect each others needs, get to know one another, organize, love, eat, sleep all actively creates our just world in defiance of capitalism and state.  We will build meaningful relationships with one another knowing we will not always agree, and that, that is okay.  That what we need is autonomy not one homogenized voice.  We will build trust through our compassion knowing that this is the antithesis to the alienation of capitalism, colonialism and oppression. 

….and today, here, now is our new society that with each action we bring it alive and nurture.

“You said you were wary too sister?”

That I did.  Wary because I am afraid we will forget that the means are our ends and that we will take on the capitalist mantle of efficiency to get through meetings forgetting that the methods we use are actively shaping the society we are creating now.  I am afraid that we will forget the shapes of oppression and ask our brothers and sisters who have been dealt the worst suffering by our current system to wait… as movements have in the past… while we roll ahead with action that does not consider different abilities, the realities that some folks are not safe with video cameras on, that we need a security culture that respects the fact we are not equal before the law and that some of us are vulnerable and that does not forget that we are on stolen occupied land.

I will not let my fear stop me. 

I know we will make mistakes and I know together we can be courageous and humble and listen and learn from these mistakes because we know this only makes us stronger.  We are fluid and dynamic and thirst for the community we have been deprived and the liberation of all our brothers and sisters.  Together we will take action in our diversity of ways, with differing directions and unifying trust and respect, and create today the world we dream of.  Because we know that this moment is revolution and utopia, this conversation I am having with you, and that the imaginary end never arrives.

to change our society we must first decolonize our minds.

So listen comrades, to the voices who point out our weaknesses so that we can use our wonderful imaginations to rise to the challenge and imagine through dialogue and action a movement that is truly revolutionary.

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